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1st Winter YOG Experience

1st Winter YOG Experience

Fair play gives sport the character of beauty.

Fair play is an attitude, the spirit of the greatest champions who train, compete and live by the principles of sportsmanlike behaviour. They know in their heart of hearts that showing respect for, demonstrating solidarity and being friendly even with the biggest rivals brings glory beyond victory.

More than ever we realize that for sport to continue to play a respected and important role in society, fair play must be protected, acknowledged and promoted, and that is the mission of the International Committee for Fair Play (CIFP).

It is obvious that the earlier we start to educate the youth the better impact and legacy can be created.

After Singapore, the International Fair Play Committee's having been part of the first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games as well has been a wonderful opportunity to involve the young generation of athletes in fair play. Within the framework of the Culture and Education Programme CIFP has aimed to put the theory into practice and showed it to the youth that fair play can be experienced not only on but also off the sporting field.

The video and board games that were specifically developed for the YOG incorporate fair play symbols, expressions and slogans such as situations in which decisions have to be taken in the spirit of fair play. In brief, that is what the athletes could learn in the CIFP pavilion.

During the last ten competition days many athletes and young people came to visit the Fair Play Booth. Moreover, it has been a great idea to open the CEP to the public as well. Families and local school children also had the opportunity to get a better idea of fair play and its values and they were also happy to receive fair play promotional materials featuring star athletes who are real role models and fair play ambassadors.

The International Fair Play Committee feels that the promotion of fair play at the inaugural Winter Youth Olympic Games was extremely successful and hopes that the ideal and spirit of fair play will always be part of every competition including the Youth Olympics.

As the CIFP slogan goes: Everyone wins with fair play!