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2017 Summer Universiade Bidding Update

2017 SU Bidding Update

2017 SU Bidding Update: Brasilia trying to bring back the Universiade to Latin America after half a century

BRASILIA, October 11,2011- Brasília, the federal capital of Brazil is one of the bid cities to host the 29th edition of the Summer Universiade 2017. The Capital which marked 51 years of existence this year is pitted against the Kocaeli (Turkey) and Taipei (Chinese Taipei). International Federation of University Sport,FISU will name the winning city in November in Belgium.

During the National University Sports League finals in Brasilia last month, Everton Melo, participant of the FISU-AIPS Young Reporters' Program at the Shenzhen Universiade, interviewed CBDU President Luciano Cabral about the candidature of Brasilia to bid for the 2017 Summer Universiade. The city of Brasilia, half a century old, did hardly exist when Porto Alegre hosted the Summer Universiade in 1963.

Everton Melo -The last time Brazil hosted the Universiade was in 1963 in Porto Alegre, the only country in South America to have staged the FISU Games. What was the biggest gain for Brazil in those games?

Luciano Cabral – 'It was a time when everything was different, post military regime. Initially the Universiade was planned to be staged in another city, but ended up going toPorto Alegre, merit of the Rio Grande do Sul people, who accepted the challenge and organized the Games on a short time's notice. At that moment university sports became very strong in Brazil, especially in the south. University sport was growing inPorto Alegre, in the south and southeast ofBrazil as well but unfortunately it declined during the late '80s and early '90s. However, it was important for the Brazilians in that time, especially in that region, to be acquainted with university sports. But unfortunately we did not have the social media then we have today and the movement did not spread as much as it could have.

Everton Melo - Almost 50 years later, why the candidacy of Brazil with the city of Brasilia?

Luciano Cabral – It's been quite a while since the FISU Games landed on South-American soil. There is an understanding in FISU that the Games should come to this region. So we took the moment. Brazil is much alive with great sporting achievements, a strong and stable economy and the country is becoming an international leader in various topics that put Brazil in international debates not as a mere participant, but as a leading country with an opinion to be heard. We have a wonderful city that is Rio de Janeiro which will be fully equipped for the Olympics in 2016. Bringing the Universiade to Rio would overtax the city and Brazil would be seen only from a certain angle. Hosting the FISU Universiade is giant project as well but we need to expand these opportunities to bring the world to other cities in Brazil. Bring major events to other regions, to develop the country as a whole. Brasília appeared a great choice with a perfect technical and geographical layout presented by the city.

Everton Melo - What will be the main argument for CBDU to win the rights to stage the FISU Games in 2017?

Luciano Cabral – To show the organizational capacity ofBrazil. We are fully prepared to show the presentation of a city that now already has 64% of all needed Universiade venues in place. Due to the FIFA World Cup in 2014 other facilities will be built as well. We will use the legacy of the big events we host in 2014 and 2016 to bring the Universiade back toLatin America. In our view these factors favor the country to be chosen. Critics might think that by hosting the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, we will not have any breath left for organizing another great event. But everything will be different, we will be in another city. Imagine you live in Brasília and are unable to attend the Olympics inRio and you have to watch it on television. People need to understand thatBrazil is very large. Brazil stretches out on almost half a continent, comparable with China. We are able to host and we will make all investments needed.

Everton Melo - Earning the right to host the Games in 2017, how will be the preparation be for the Universiade in Brasilia?

Luciano Cabral - We will monitor the organization of other events, their technology, information, media coverage and take advantage of it to participate effectively in the Universiade. Let's build the Athletes' Village within the city to develop the real estate sector of the city and improve the sports venues, the greatest work for sure is the concept and legacy.

Everton Melo - How will you publicize the event as many Brazilians have never heard of the Universiade, so that in 2017 there big crowds turn up to watch the Games?

Luciano Cabral - Another positive point for Brasilia, which is a young city, a university city, it is a city where the population has a very strong relationship with sport. If you walk around here on Saturdays and Sundays you can see loads of people busy playing sports in parks and clubs. We had a basketball tournament here this year and a large crowd came to watch. So the city has this feature and it is obvious that by 2017, we will endeavor to acquaint the city with the event.

Everton Melo - What can Brazil can take as an example from the organization of the 2011 Universiade in Shenzhen, which will be useful for organizing the Games in 2017?

Luciano Cabral - China lives the same moment asBrazil, the new economic powerhouse, has positioned itself in the world, held the Summer Universiade in 2001 and 2011, the Winter Universiade in 2009 and the Summer Olympic Games in 2008. It showed that it is a continental country. This is our benchmark. China of course has quality sports facilities that surpass the world standard, but I guarantee that we'll have a beautiful football stadium, we'll have the city park, and other structures that China lacks. For example when we talk about alternative modalities such as beach volleyball or beach soccer, the arenas that we are used to have in Brazil can also be set in the city park and on the esplanade of the ministry which will definitely leave an everlasting impression with any visitor from abroad.

(Source: AIPS)