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Call for Chengdu Fair Play Award

The International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) and the International University Sports Federation (FISU), has announced the Chengdu World University Games FAIR PLAY AWARD.

The two organizations have been promoting Fair Play for years. Thanks to this cooperation FISU and CIFP have already announced the Fair Play Call at the last events, both at the summer and winter World University Games. We do the same in Chengdu. 

We together kindly invite all participants, officials, media representatives and spectators to nominate candidates for the Chengdu World University Games FAIR PLAY AWARD! Just simply send us if you see any Fair Play Act.

To submit a nomination, please don’t forget to add: 

  • Name and country of the person proposed for the nomination
  • Photo, video link or description of the Fair Play Act
Please send your nominations until 7 August 2023 to the email chengdu@fairplayinternational.org or via any of the social media channels below.

Instagram: @fairplayinaction

Facebook: facebook.com/internationalfairplay