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Call for help for Türkiye and Syria

"Dear Fair Play Friends,

As we have all heard the terrible news, unfortunately both Türkiye and Syria have been shocked by a truly massive earthquake waves. Thousands of people have died, lost their homes and been left without food. 

Most of the survivors have lost their loved ones and even more their existency and livelihoods. These circumstances affect everyone, including, of course athletes and people working within sports areas.

We, the International Fair Play Committee, immediately offered our support to both nations and expressed our sincere sympathy and condolences to the Presidents of the National Olympic Committees.

I believe that in this situation we, the international sports society must stand up for suffering people and give a hand to people in need as much as possible– in the spirit of Fair Play.  

We would appreciate if you could help the Turkish and Syrian athletes. Unfortunately, disasters are becaming more and more frequent these days and therefore every willingness to help counts. We should do our best to soften the sadness.

My sincere thanks,

Dr. Jenő Kamuti, President"

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