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CIFP tests fair play games for the 2016 Winter YOG

YOG equipment

The International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) organised an event in Budapest for secondary school students to test some of those interactive fair play games and activities which will be launched within the framework of the Learn & Share programme of the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games next February.

Role-plays and six computer games were introduced at the test event which proved to be successful. 

The major goals of the fair play education programme are to promote sportsmanship and the values composing fair play among athletes and to develop a better understanding of the notion of fair play and how fair play and its values can be applicable in the daily lives of athletes.

Most of the fair play games are primarily image-based generating as many interactions between the players as possible, which provide the opportunity for quick-learning.

Having been involved in free and easy 10 to 15 minute-long activities the participants of the test event could identify the values composing fair play. Furthermore, they received some ideas about how they could act in the spirit of sportsmanship either on or off the sporting field.