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Pavle Kostov, Petar Cupac and Ivan Bulaja

Croatia, Sailing

Awarded Fair Play Trophy for Act of Fair Play in 2008

Owing to Pavle Kostov, Petar Cupać and their coach Ivan Bulaja, the Danish team Warrer/Ibsen won the Olympic gold medal in the Sailing 49er class. The Olympic sailing regatta finishes with the gold medal race of the best ten teams. Croatian team Kostov/Cupać had not qualified for the medal race but nevertheless their boat took part in the competition on 17 August. The sailing conditions were bad, strong wind with high waves. Even before the medal race, the leading Danish team Warrer/Ibsen were heavy favourites but some fifteen minutes before the start they experienced a true sports tragedy – the mast of their boat broke. At that moment, it was all over for them and it seemed they would be left without a single Olympic medal. Little time was left until the start and their boat was not going to be able to compete. They got an idea that is unprecedented in sailing, to borrow a boat from the remaining nine teams that had not qualified for the medal race. The Danish team had contacted the Croatian team, who did not hesitate for a second. Kostov, Cupać and their coach Bulaja were in the Olympic Village and they watched the medal race on TV. They ran to the marina, took off sunblinds from the boat, and hoisted sails. The Danish team succeeded to start four minutes after the other finalists, beating only by several seconds the deadline by which they needed to start. They sailed away brilliantly, finished seventh in the race and won an Olympic medal. This is an exceptional exploit in the world of sailing. Croatian team was not in a dilemma for a moment and that is the right thing to do. All the participants of the Olympic regatta agreed that the Croatian team had demonstrated true Olympic spirit and solidarity. If they had hesitated, even for half a minute, the Danes would not have arrived at the start in time and would have been left without any Olympic sailing medals for during these Games.