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World Fair Play Awards of the year 2014 - Call for nomination

Message from the International Fair Play Committee


World Fair Play Trophies

Since its foundation by UNESCO and a number of international sports governing bodies in Paris in 1963, the goal of the International Committee for Fair Play is the worldwide defence and promotion of fair play.

In order to honour and direct attention to acts of fair play performed either within or outside the sports world, the International Committee for Fair Play annually awards Fair Play Prizes to personalities who have proved to be excellent ambassadors of fair play.

Any organisation and private individual is allowed without restriction to submit their nominees for the annual Fair Play Prizes.


The Fair Play Prizes are awarded for acts in three categories as follows:

- For an act of fair play by complying not only with the written, but also with the unwritten rules of sport.

- For a general attitude of sportsmanship throughout a sports career marked by an outstanding and constant spirit of fair play.

- For an activity aiming to promote fair play such as the organisation of national or local campaigns, lectures, books, articles or reports in the media.

-From 2012 in collaboration with IOC we issue the Fair Play Trophy for the Youth - under the auspices of the IOC President

The awards are conferred by the Council of the International Committee for Fair Play composing the Jury that holds its annual meeting in spring where the decision about the Award Winners are made.

There are three formats of the CIFP Fair Play Awards which are in the ascending order of merit as follows:

- Letter of Congratulations in all three categories

- Diploma of Honour in all three categories

- World Fair Play Trophies in all three categories:

   Pierre de Coubertin World Trophy - for an athlete or team for an act of fair play

   Jean Borotra World Trophy – for an individual for his or her career and life in the spirit of fair play

   Willi Daume World Trophy – for an individual or organisation for the promotion of fair play 

The Trophies and Diplomas of Honour are presented to the laureates in a spectacular ceremony hosted by different countries each year.

The inaugural Fair Play Award ceremony was held on 29 January 1965, and the first Pierre de Coubertin Fair Play Trophy was awarded to an Italian bobsleigh competitor, Eugenio Monti, for his remarkable act at the Innsbruck Olympic Winter Games in 1964.

At the very beginning nominations for the Trophies were mostly submitted by the AIPS. In 1968 the CIFP was pleased to receive the first proposals put forward by a number of National Olympic Committees.

In June 1977 it was decided by the CIFP to award ’Letters of Congratulations’ to individuals who have distinguished themselves by certain humanitarian acts even though such actions did not fully meet the criteria for those gestures of fair play that the CIFP intended to commend.

It also happened in September of the same year that Willi Daume, who acted as Vice-President of the CIFP at that time, offered a medal to the CIFP, designed by a French sculptor, Jean Ipoustéguy, which since that point has served as the Pierre de Coubertin International Fair Play Trophy. The fair play symbol was actually inaugurated and handed over to Jean Borotra on a festive occasion more than ten years later only. The sculpture was transported to and set up in the birthplace of Borotra in Pouy (France).

In 1988, the Board of Directors of the International Committee for Fair Play decided awards could also be confered on athletes after the completion of their careers. Thus, a general attitude of fair play throughout an entire career could be rewarded.

In 1994, the CIFP celebrated its 30th anniversary and the award ceremony was staged for the second time at a venue other than the UNESCO House in Paris.  Remarkably, UNESCO supported and hosted the events during a thirty-year period, but the CIFP decided in addition to organise the celebrations in other countries in order to bring the idea of fair play home to different nations.

In the past few years, the CIFP Fair Play Prizes award ceremonies have taken in the following countries:

2002 (March) - Frankfurt (International Fair Play Awards 1998/1999/2000)

2003 (January) - Paris, France, Palais UNESCO (International Fair Play Awards 2001)

2003 (November) - Lausanne, Switzerland, Olympic Museum (International Fair Play Awards 2002)

2004 (December) - Athens, Greece, UNESCO – MINEPS Conference (Conference of Ministers of Sport and Physical Education) (International Fair Play Awards 2003)

2005 (November) - Warsaw, Poland (International Fair Play Awards 2004)

2006 (December) - Budapest, Hungary (International Fair Play Awards 2005)

2007 (December) - Paris, France, Palais UNESCO (International Fair Play Awards 2006)

2009 (January) - Istanbul, Turkey (International Fair Play Awards 2007/2008)

2010 (March) - Pécs, Hungary (International Fair Play Awards 2009)

2011 (January) - Lausanne, Suisse (World Fair Play Awards 2010)

2012 (April) - Gödöllő, Hungary (World Fair Play Awards 2011)

2013 (September) - Paris, France (World Fair Play Awards 2012)

Traditionally the prizes were awarded to the laureates by the General Director of UNESCO. Occasionally, a number of renowned personalities of the sports world have also been invited to participate in the handover ceremony in recent years. The ceremony is generally attended by the President of the International Olympic Committee, traditionally by the French Minister of Sport as well as numerous leading representatives of international sports organisations and National Olympic Committees.