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Craig Reedie dismissed a radical plea


Reedie: Plea by academic to replace 'failing' system with supervised doping is contrary to spirit of sport

Craig Reedie, the president of the World Anti-Doping agency, today dismissed a radical plea by a UK professor for the “inherently-failing” anti-doping system to be replaced by a “harm-reduction” model in which doping is allowed, but athletes are properly educated in the risks, while their health is controlled and supervised.

Reedie told Sportcal that the controversial proposal by academic Andy Miah, professor in science communication and future media at England’s Salford University, is “contrary to the spirit of sport” and militates against the “natural talents” of athletes. 

Dr. Jeno Kamuti, President of the International Fair Play Committee added: Doping is NOT fair play!

(for the whole article about the interview with President Reedie please visit the Sportcal website: http://www.sportcal.com/News/news_free_article.aspx?articleID=111356&source=e&cid=99696)