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200 000 visitors at the Fair Play Artworks Contest Virtual Exhibition

The International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) called its virtual Artwork Contest in early March 2020. Drawings were expected mainly from children, showing how they care of themselves and people living in their environment, how they fight against COVID-19 and how they spend their time during the lockdown.

Drawings, paintings and posters from all around the world were submitted to the call. The nearly 300 works came from 30 countries on 4 continents, from India to Rwanda, or across Europe to United States.

Outstandingly many pictures came from Slovakia, for which special thanks to the Slovak Fair Play Committee. About 200 000 people have seen the artworks published on social media so far. 

’When the Covid-19 became global, everyone, including ourselves, followed the rules and stayed home. We thought about how many children will be forced into the four walls due to the closure of nursery schools, kindergarten and schools. This gave us the idea to publish a drawing call, which also helped us to spend a little useful time at home. In the beginning, we did not think that so many works from so many countries will arrive. It is very pleasure to see the artworks, and it is fabulous to see the childlike expressions. It is a pleasure for me that Fair Play has a meaning for the kids. We simply could barely decide which one to reward. We are grateful to all Olympic Committee, sports federations and our partners for helping to get the call to children.

Considering the lots of positive feedback we determined to present the virtual exhibition in reality to an international audience, hopefully later this autumn’ – summarised his thoughts Dr. Jenő Kamuti, President of International Fair Play Committee. 

CIFP awarded the top three artworks in four category. Among the youngest, pre-schoolers, the art of a 4 year-old Lithuanian child won, in the primary school age category the art of a Latvian girl won, while among the largest, the work of a young Indian was judged the best by the jury. A drawing of a 5 year-old Turkish child won the audience-votes. The best works along with all the drawings can be viewed on the Facebook site of the International Fair Play Committee here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/internationalfairplay/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2819047821482384

The category winner artworks:

0 - 6 years old - Urielis Lefikas, 4 years old, Lithuania:

7 - 14 years old - Aleksandra Sibanova, 13 years old, Latvia:

15 years old + - Shriya, 15 years old, India:

Public audience-votes - Mert Kerem Kaldirim, 5 years old, Turkey: