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Fair Play Awards at FISU World University Games Chengdu

Chengdu Fair Play Awards were presented at the closing HoD meeting today. FISU Acting President Leonz Eder and Secretary General/CEO Éric Saintrond presented with Gabor Deregan, Executive Director of CIFP, the Awards to Charne Elieen Swart (RSA) and Veronica Vancardo (SUI) for their support to Soudi-Thasmy Moussa (COM).

At the end of the Athletics Women’s 800 meters race the Comorian athlete ended exhausted and collapsed towards the finish line. The South African and Swiss runners immediately provided her assistance when they realized Moussa was lying powerless on the ground.

"We witnessed many-many Fair Play acts these days in Chengdu. We are very pleased to show all over the world that we have athletes like you within our university sport society. Very much appreciation and Congratulations to all of you! - said Leonz Eder, Acting President of FISU and Council Member of the International Fair Play Committee at the ceremony.

„Fair Play means persistence, team spirit and care, among other values. Soudi-Thasmy Moussa is one of the role models in the point of persistence, as she finished the run with her last energy. Important to note, the audience cheered for her loudly and sent her strength in the last meters. It was heartwarming for me to see all this happening live in the stadium. Charne Elieen Swart and Veronica Vancardo help her up immediately when they realized Moussa's condition. Nice Act of Fair Play! All this together is a great example of values of sport and spirit of Fair Play. Thanks to the media the video about this exemplary act has ran around the world. We are grateful to FISU for the long-term cooperation and for the promotion of Fair Play to university athletes.” - added Gabor Deregan, Executive Director of the International Fair Play Committee.

Charne Eileen Swart, who earned the bronze medal in the race and is studying medicine at the University of Pretoria, stressed her intervention was much more than an instinctive reaction.  “Above all it was about understanding and respect,” she said. “Obviously she comes from a small country and it must be extremely intimidating to compete in front of such a large crowd, it takes a lot of you to run in a big event like that and she probably was not used to it, it means a lot for her.”

Photo: The South-African and Comorian athletes at the venet. On behalf of Veronica Vancardo, due to her absence, the Swiss Head of Delegation took over the Award.

FISU prioritises the presentation of Fair Play values to young university athletes. To symbolize this the Presentation was held in the Athlete's Village, where the Fair Play stand was operating throughout the event.

The International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) and the International University Sports Federation (FISU), has announced the Chengdu World University Games Fair Play Award as usual for years. There were countless nominations, from which the joint jury selected the Awardees in Chengdu. 

The two organizations have been promoting Fair Play together. Thanks to this cooperation FISU and CIFP have already announced the Fair Play Call at the last events, both at the summer and winter World University Games.