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Fair Play Runner Data Processing Policy

  1. This mobile application
    a. has been developed by: PalmStorm Kft. (2040 Budaörs, Szivárvány utca 2., Hungary);
    b. is operated by: International Fair Play Committee (CIFP), 1124 Budapest, Csörsz utca 49–51., Hungary, e-mail: cifp@fairplayinternational.org

  2. Terminology:
    a. Player, hereinafter User;
    b. Operator, hereinafter Provider.

  3. The User may download and play with the game free of charge. If the User wishes to be included in the online highscore table and would like to display his or her scores in it, the User must provide certain pieces of personal data. By downloading the game, the User gives his or her specific consent to the processing of his or her data in accordance with this data processing policy.

    These data are the following:
    a. when signing in through Facebook:
    a.i. Nickname;
    a.ii. E-mail address.

  4. The Provider shall process these data confidentially, in full compliance with the relevant legislation, and only with a view to the operation and development of the application.

  5. The Provider is committed to the protection of the User’s personal data, and considers the User’s right of self-determination over his or her personal data a key priority. The Provider shall process all personal data confidentially, and shall implement appropriate security, technical and organisational measures in order to guarantee the safety of the data.

  6. The downloading of the application and the provision of personal data is voluntary at all times.

  7. The User acknowledges that he or she has downloaded the application voluntarily and in possession of adequate information. The correctness of the data provided is the sole responsibility of the person having provided the information. In light of this responsibility, the Provider disclaims all responsibility for the possible falseness of any of the data provided.

  8. Aim of data processing:
    a. The use of the mobile application by the User, with a view to developing the game and enhancing user experience. Storing the User’s scores and displaying them in the highscore table.

  9. Legal basis of data processing:
    a. The User’s consent

  10. Scope of data processing:
    a. Those data of the User’s computer and mobile devices signing in that are generated during the use of the service, and which the Provider’s system registers as the automatic result of technical processes.
    b. By using the mobile application in an iOS and Android environment, the User consents to the fact that the Provider shall keep anonymous statistics about the opening of the various functions of the application and the duration of their use.
    c. When signing in through Facebook:
    c.i. Nickname;
    c.ii. E-mail address.

  11. Duration of data processing:
    a. Until the User’s withdrawal of consent.

  12. Access to data:
    a. The nickname used for signing in through Facebook and the scores achieved by the User in the game shall be publicly visible if the User plays online.
    b. In addition to that, the personal data processed shall be accessible – apart from the User – only for the Provider’s employees and to the extent necessary to operate the application and the service. Data processing shall be carried out by the Provider, and no third parties shall be provided access to them.
    c. The User shall not consent to making his or her personal data public, except when the User plays online. In the latter case, the nickname used by the User for signing in through Facebook and the scores achieved by the User in the game shall be publicly visible.
    d. The User shall have the right to request information any time about the processing of his or her data, the method, content, time, place and any activities related to data processing, and report any changes in his or her data at his or her convenience.
    e. The User may withdraw the above consent any time. The User may indicate his or her intention to withdraw his or her consent in writing by contacting the Provider by e-mail.

  13. The Provider shall delete the User’s personal data upon the User’s request; if the aim of data processing is terminated; if the duration of data storage specified by the law has expired; or if the deletion has been ordered by a court or another authority.

  14. If you are unable to fully approve the above data processing policy, or if you have any reservations about it, you are kindly asked not to download the application or delete it.