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The International Fair Play Committee is pleased to launch its very first mobile application.

Do you want to become a Fair Play Hero? PLAY THE ULTIMATE FAIR PLAY RUNNER GAME!


Fair Play Runner Game


Join Fairy Ferdi, the cute and friendly Fair Play Mascot, and become a Fair Play Hero.

How can you follow in the footsteps of the champions of fair play?

Fair play is sportsmanlike and chivalrous behaviour both on and off the field.

Be fair, help your fellow players and rivals, respect the rules, and enjoy the spirit of competition.




Complete missions and unlock Fair Play Rewards!

On the road, give a high five to fellow runners and opponents, bring them water if they are exhausted, help them get up if they stumble and fall, and respect the referee!

Your Fair Play Deeds will be rewarded.


Challenge yourself! Test your skills, run, jump, overcome obstacles, collect points, do Fair Play Deeds, and compete for the best high score!


This fully dynamic and colourful game featuring the cute and friendly Fairy Ferdi, the Fair Play Mascot, and his friends is fun and exciting — it is simple, but highly competitive.


Play fair and become a Fair Play Hero!


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Download here: http://www.fairplayinternational.org/news/fair-play-runner-download