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FISU Conference: Strengthening fair play spirit of the youth

The Universiade is a chance for students of the world over to show themselves, and not only in sport. At the FISU Conference, which took place during the 27th Summer Universiade Kazan 2013, one of the most provocative and interesting presentations was that of Vladimir Sosunovsky, third-year student of the National Research State University of Tomsk.
The presentation was dedicated to the salient topic: Fair play principles in contemporary youth sports.

"The task of developing a harmonious personality of a young athlete, who is strong not only physically, but also spiritually, often conflicts with the necessity to show high achievement. For this reason fair play principles are very important for the socialisation of the new generation," Vladimir remarked.

In the study, conducted by the student, Tomsk school pupils aged from 14 to 17, engaged in various sports – from skiing to mixed martial arts – responded to 44 questions about fair play and their attitude toward sport.

The results showed that 45% of the respondents were against violence in sport, but 36% see nothing wrong with it. Even more troubling is the fact that over half of young athletes enjoy watching scenes of violence in sport. 30% of the pupils admitted that sometimes they break rules for various reasons (because they want to win, because the opponent does it too, because the referee doesn't notice), and 70% try to play fair. It is gratifying that an overwhelming majority, 98%, want everyone to play fair outside of sports.

This situation is a cause for alert, which is why Vladimir's presentation evoked the interest of the audience. According to one opinion, such results were due to the general cruelty of teenagers aged 14 to 17.

"Specialists who work with young athletes must be engaged not only in developing their physical capabilities, but also sports culture," Sosunovskiy concluded.

We remind that during the 27th Summer Universiade the Main International Center hall features an exhibition prepared by the International Fair Play Committee.

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