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If Universiade, it’s Fair Play

To be unique - proclaimed the slogan of the Naples Universiade. It’s not a question that the 30th Universiade was truly special in many ways.

CIFP Napoli

First of all, completely different from the previous ones, the competitors did not live in a so-called "village", but on the huge cruise ship. Of course, the ship did not sail, it stood in the harbor during the games and waited for the competitors whose competes here in Naples. As a result, also in an unusual way, some competitions for the Universiade were not held in Naples, but in the neighboring areas. An example of the latter had been the case in the past: the 2013 Winter Universiade was similarly held in Trento, Italy.

Continuing with the lineup of specialties, this year the appearance of fair play was unlike before. This time the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) didn't have a fixed stand, they met competitors and guides at the village's reception hall. Newcomers or those coming from training, competition, met the fair play right at the entrance. This place was one of the best in promoting fair sports, and it's no coincidence that hundreds of fair play badges were out of stock as thousands came and went every day. Fair play had been described by athletes from all around the world and the short film will be presented by CIFP soon.


napoli„I had doubts at first on the organization in Naples, but coming to the end of the competitions I have to acknowledge the success of the event, which could have not been possible without the helpfulness and cooperation of the locals. I am glad that we can promote fair play in such a diverse environment where both young athletes and sports diplomats gather. Moreover, further cooperation was discussed and agreed upon with the president of the International University Sports Federation, Oleg Matytsin.

Personally, attending this Universiade was especially a great pleasure since I am celebrating the 60th anniversary of winning my very first Universiade competition, which also took place in Italy, in Torino. As a thoughtful recognition of this success, I was asked by FISU to the handover of trophies at fencing competitions afterwards”- claiming Dr. Jenő Kamuti, president of the International Fair Play Committee. 

The upcoming summer Universiade, 2021, will be held in the metropolitan Chinese city of Chengdu, while the winter one in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The International Fair Play Committee was represented at the Summer Universiade in Naples by its President, dr. Jenő Kamuti, Dániel Kőszegi, Member of the Sports Marketing Committee of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and Gábor Deregán, the Secretary General of the Hungarian Fair Play Committee. 


HUN delegation

napoli village

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