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If You Want To Be a Real Champion, Play Fair!

Florian Kogler of Austria, Young Ambassador for the YOG 2010 Considers Fair Play Attitude Essential in Sport

'As I too am an athlete, I consider fair play as an essential value that should be followed in whatever sports you play. I am participating in the inaugural YOG as a Young Ambassador and my aim is to encourage the youth to compete and live in the spirit of fair play. I always emphasize that it is not enough to win a medal. If you cheat it is nothing more than a piece of metal. You can be a real champion only if you gain victory by absolute fair means' – said Florian Kogler, who is a handball player himself.

Also, he is convinced that it is important to educate the young athletes on how fair play and its values can be applicable in their own lives. That is exactly what they get to learn if they visit the CIFP booth in the Youth Olympic Village.