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Islamic Solidarity Games Konya 2022 in the spirit of solidarity

The Islamic Solidarity Games were held for the fifth times, this year in Konya, Turkey. The President of the International Fair Play Committee, Dr. Jenő Kamuti, also participated this event, invited by the International Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation /ISSF/.

The Islamic Solidarity Games are of multisport significance, as they involve a wide range of sports, whith the best athletes of the member countries of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation. Originally the Games were awaken for especially young athletes, to strengthen the Islamic camaraderie and Islamic values.

The aims of the ISSF organisation, based in Saudi Arabia, are to develop Islamic solidarity, promote Islamic identity in sports and combat discrimination against Muslims.

Considering that one of the core ideas of Fair Play is solidarity, there was no question for me to accept this invitation. This was the first time for us to participate this event, so we did not have any experience regarding the organizing. Of course, we had previously gathered information about the championships, which, I must say, far exceeded my expectations. This is an excellent multisport event of its kind, with some 50 countries represented, from Indonesia to Senegal. Europeans, including all participiants, were almost only 2 of us with my colleague Gabor Deregan, I have met countless Asian and African sports leaders outside the Arab world. I had the opportunity to talk to the President of ISSF, HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, former racing driver, in addition to several IOC members present, also met Mr. Leopold Senghor, former CIFP Council Member, who is currently responsible for organizing the Youth Olympic Games Dakar, postponed to 2026, in his country (Photo above.). I note that there was no religious character to the event, the whole event was more like a regional championship than, say, a festival.’ – Mr. Jenő Kamuti briefly summarized his experience. 

                                                               The Palestine medical delegation

The President of the International Fair Play Committee was expected to present the prizes for the athletics events. (Cover photo.)

                                                            In the middle our kind host, Waleed Bin Huzaim

                                                       ISSF International Relations manager, Moudy Alsudairi

Gábor Deregán/CIFP