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Lavish Ceremony Honors One-Year Anniversary of 16th Asian Games

Lavish Ceremony

GUANGZHOU, November 14, 2011 - The 16th Asian Games (www.gz2010.cn/en), part of the worldwide Olympic movement and governed by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), on saturday celebrated it's one-year anniversary with a lavish ceremony here in Guangzhou.

More than 20,000 invitees packed into the Haixin Island Pavilion, home to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of last year's Games and witnessed a lavish national TV production that honored all facets of The 16th Asian Games as well as the 2010 Asia Para Games.
The 16th Asian Games was the world's second largest sport event after the Summer Olympic Games.
Team China dominated the medal count of The 2010 Asian Games with more than 400 medals. Korea finished second with more than 230 team medals and Team Japan ended with more than 210 medals.
The Guangzhou Asian Games was the largest in the history of the Olympic Council of Asia with 9,704 athletes from 45 Asian countries and regions attended the Games along with 4,983 team officials, 4,191 technical officials and 9,939 media professionals from 888 media organizations.
Medalists came from 36 NOC delegations with gold medals won by 28 of the countries and regions taking part. More than 60,000 Games-time volunteers worked at 53 competition venues, 11 non-competition venues, more than 16 independent training venues and 20 specialized work teams, providing variety of services, such as protocol reception, language services, security, medical services, spectator services, coordination and liaison, competition support, venue operation support, finance management and cultural event support for the Games.
Dramatic civic upgrades were made in preparing for The 16th Asian Games and remain part of the long-lasting legacy for Guangzhou city, including:

About The 16th Asian Games
The 16th Asian Games (www.gz2010.cn/en) was approved and governed by the Olympic Council of Asia and was held in "Flower City" of Guangzhou from November 12 - 27, 2010. More than 14,000 athletes and team officials from 45 countries and regions competed in 42 sports. More than 9,900 accredited and non-accredited worldwide media were on hand to cover the Games with more than two million spectators attending.

(Source: AIPS)