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“Sport-Values in Every Classroom” Toolkit in French and Spanish

   The International Fair Play Committee, together with our partners, announces the release of the “Sport-Values in Every Classroom” Toolkit in French and Spanish.

The toolkit – which was first launched in English in October 2019 is a free, cross-curricular resource targeted at teachers of students aged 8-12 years old and aims to help teachers instill some of the core values synonymous with sport: respect, equity, and inclusion.

Downloads here:

English    French    Spanish

   President Jenő Kamuti highlighted: "We are delighted to cooperate and work for the youth with our high-skilled and experienced partners. It is very important to educate the next generation, among others, about fair play, anti-dopping, olympic values, inclusion, partnership and respect. I am convinced kids will enjoy it together with their friends, teachers and trainers. I recommend everyone to check out and use this toolkit, which was developed from our heart!"

The toolkit was developed by six international organizations, collectively referred to as the “Education Partnership”, namely: WADA; the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) (who replaced the Agitos Foundation); the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE); the International Fair Play Committee (IFPC); and the Olympic Foundation for Cultural Heritage (OFCH). The toolkit was based on commissioned research which was conducted by a team associated with the International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP).

This international collaboration highlights the importance of values-based education and the foundation it provides for ethical sporting behavior – a common goal for the Education Partnership. The toolkit, which is free to access, can be used by teachers of any subject and by coaches or educators – anyone with a connection to young people – to help instill and reinforce the values of sport and the development of global citizenship.

The toolkit consists of a set of 30 Activity Cards that act as complete lesson plans for educators of any subject and can be adapted to suit different contexts and populations. These activities can be delivered in the classroom, the gymnasium or outdoors, and can be used independent of, or to complement, an existing curriculum. The activities are engaging, fun, and movement-based, and have been successfully delivered to children both younger and older than the target age group. The toolkit also includes a Quick Guide and a Teacher’s Companion, which provide academic support to those who seek extra guidance or ideas.

The toolkit can be downloaded in all three languages from any of the participating partners’ websites. Stakeholders and/or educators wishing to translate the toolkit into another language are invited to contact any of the participating organizations to receive the Translation Guidance document, which was developed by all partners.

30. 04. 2021