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CIFP Secretary General: “Turkish Fair Play is one of the leader in the World”

Istanbul - The Secretary General of the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) and the Member of the Executive Board of the World Athletics, Sunil Sabharwal, stopped by Istanbul with his family on the way back from the World Cup Qatar 2022.

During his short visit, President of TOC Fair Play Committee, EFPM Honorary Member, CIFP Council Member Erdoğan Arıpınar and 2nd President and EFPM Board Member Prof. Dr. Bilge Donuk talked about their work for 2023. Sunil Sabharwal: “Turkey is the leading country in the world of Fair Play. We set an example for every country, especially the High Schools Fair Play Caravan is a tremendous work.” During the visit, a special portfolio of the world's first Fair Play postage stamp was presented to the Secretary General.


Source: Turk Spor Ajansi