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Fair Play at the 1st ISF U15 World School Sport Games

The International Fair Play Committee, thanks to the kind invitation of our strategic partner,  to the International School Sport Federation /ISF/, had a booth at the 1st ISF U15 World School Sport Games in Belgrade. The stand was in the entertaining area, in the Fun&Skill Zone, which was a forward-looking initiative.

The ISF U15 World School Sport Games provided an opportunity to compete a multisport event for an age group, who were perhaps facing a competition of this kind for the first time. It reflected the nature of the Olympic Games in a small way, competitors of several sports were together, participated on joint events, games and were partially co-located. 

Fun&Skill Zone was more than the highlight of the event. Children could play together, know each other’s culture and try different games and tools together. They talked and laughed with each other. 

The idea of Fair Play should be promoted on all channels, as this is an idea that children, competitors should be face with, preferably at as young an age as possible. It is important, that they hear about it, they are first familiar with this idea in general. The participation on the ISF U15 World School Sport Games was important for both ISF and CIFP to be there, so that children could have the possibility to meet the ideas and to talk about Fair Play with professionals. That's why we are especially grateful for the cooperation of ISF!

Gabor Deregan/CIFP