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Fair Play Award at Multisport European Championships Munich 2022

In the middle of August the media was full with the news from the multisport European Championships in Munich, where 9 different sports were organized parallel. Such a highlighted multisport event cannot go by without some kind of Fair Play act, and this year was no exception, too.

   The act of Nahuel Carabana, Andorran runner, has become news for world press.  During the first heat of the men’s 3,000 meter steeplechase hurdle Danish Axel Vang Christensen fell and was unable to get up from the ground. The Andorran athlete, risking his own race, stopped and helped him up and off the track. Carabana was able to cross the finish line, followed by the ovation from the audience, more than a minute behind the winner. The International Fair Play Committee was informed almost immediately, including by the World Athletics (WA). After quick consultation and organization with the Munich Organizing Committee, Dr. Jenő Kamuti presented the World Fair Play Award to Nahuel Carabana on the closing day of the Championships, again to the ovation of the audience.

Such actions can always touch a person. It is no coincidence that Munich audience was captivated by Nahuel Carabana’s humanity. It was an important feedback for us that we received messages within moments, nominating the Andorran runner for the World Fair Play Award. It was not only us, but also German organizers and the European Athletics, who thought, it was a good idea to present the award on the spot’ – summarized Jenő Kamuti, who has led the organization for 22 years.

Carabana's Fair Play Act is visible here!

   Jenő Kamuti won the silver medal in fencing in the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. To commemorate this event, the organizers have arranged a tree-planting together with a World Fair Play Award winner runner from Andorra. The white willow tree (Salix Alba) is located in the Olympic Park. Check the video of the tree-planting here!

   The President of the International Fair Play Committee, together with his colleague, Gábor Deregán, laid a wreath at the memorial to the victims of the ’72 terrorist attack, also in the Olympic Park in Munich. Those unfortunate events have since had an impact on international sport events, fundamentally changing the security standards of the Olympics.



Gábor Deregán/CIFP; photo tree-planting: Matthias Balk/Munich 2022; award ceremony: Hannes Magerstaedt/ Munich 2022; video: LOC Munich 2022