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The European Fair Play Movement officially settles in Brussels

     The Belgian presidency of the EFPM was inaugurated, on June the 1st 2022, in the hemicycle of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Parliament, a highly symbolic venue in terms of democracy and values. A Joyous Entry placed under the high patronage of their Majesties the King and Queen of Begium.

     The European Fair Play Movement /EFPM/ is now in its 28th year of existence. Since it was established back in 1994, it spared no effort to promote Fair Play values everywhere on
the wider European continent. As soon as Mr Philippe Housiaux took over as the
movement’s new president, he suggested transferring the EFPM’s headquarters to the
very heart of Europe, in Brussels, in order to open up a wide range of opportunities at
European level and impulse a renewed commitment from its numerous members.

     Dr. Jenő Kamuti, President of the International Fair Play Committee, was not present due to his other official duties, but sent greetings to the General Assembly.

In his opening speech, Mr François Bellot, vice President of the Wallonia-Brussels
Federation’s Parliament said he was very sensitive to Fair Play values and was honoured
and proud to host the EFPM’s first meeting in Brussels. Sports and politics often interfere,
he insisted, for better and for worse. Sports federation face a constant challenge to go for
the better, struggle for diversity, fight against racism and other reprehensible attitudes.

Mr Spyros Capralos, President of the European Olympic Committee, followed with a
video intervention to highlight the role of education and of the next generations, while Mr
Jean-Michel Saive, the President of the Belgian Olympic Committee told the audience
how he was prouder to have won the International Fair Play Award than his several titles.

Ms Valérie Glatigny, Minister of Sports in the government of the Wallonia-Brussels
Federation, underlined the importance of values such as excellence, self-esteem, respect.
In her view, it is essential to keep in mind that the combination of sports and Fair Play is
not only desirable, but is also feasible. She mentioned the decree which was adopted by
the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Parliament with the aim of promoting Fair Play in sports.

Mr Marc Tarabella, Member of the European Parliament and Co President of Sport Group,
detailed the major role played in terms of ethical values. According to him, Fair Play is a
fragile principle which is under constant threat and needs to be protected.

Mr Philippe Housiaux, concluded by saying that in order to achieve higher societal
goals, sports will always have a dire and compelling need of a supplement of soul: “Fair
Play, the spirit of sport.” He invited the audience not to miss the opportunity of this
Brussels’ gathering to reinvigorate the European Fair Play Movement and allow it to live up
to its important responsibilities.

     More news about CIFP, that Mr. Gabor Deregan, Head of the Presidential Office, was elected to the Communication Committee of the EFPM. 

Photo: Anita Urr, Executive Board Member of the Europaralympic, Philippe Housiaux, President of EFPM, Hanna Wawrowska, Executive Committee Member of EFPM and Gabor Deregan.

Photo & Press Release: EFPM