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Let’s keep the spirit of Fair Play!

“Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to determine the world news. There are areas where pandemic is on the top and there are other places, such Europe, where it is already softening, at least in the first wave. To protect our health, whoever can do it, should start sport. Let’s keep the spirit of Fair Play, do not forget it! We should focus on that sports life would be better than ever. We can and must learn from all bad happenings, the epidemic has made us all wondering what we have done well so far, and what could be changed in the future. Experiencing happenings whether in health situation, or in the financial world, we should not forget human values, esteem, help, and human relationships. We need to live with these principles, and be prepared for the fact that whatever difficulties come we can handle it together. “ –  sent a message of Fair Play friends President Jenő Kamuti on the occasion of the beginning of summer.