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Sports celebrities at the Fair Play Booth

Chun Lee-Kyung

Chun Lee-Kyung Olympic Champion visits the Fair Play Booth!

The Opening Ceremony of the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games (WYOG) will take place tonight and sports celebrities have started to get involved in the Learn & Share activities of the event.

Top athletes have been appointed as Athlete Role Models and Young Ambassadors by the International Olympic Committee and their National Olympic Committees respectively to support the young participants of the WYOG.

The team of the International Fair Play Committee was pleased to welcome Chun Lee-Kyung, the first Athlete Role Model to have participated in the fair play games to its pavilion. Chun was an exceptionally talented speed skater, the only person in Korea who won four golds and one bronze medal in the Olympic Winter Games. Lillehammer has a special place in Chun’s heart as she became Olympic Champion for the first time in this beautiful Northern European town in 1994.

To the question of what Chun’s advice would be to the young Olympians she said: “When I competed I was so much focused on my career and the results I should achieve that I did not allow time for myself to absorb the special atmosphere of the Games. I would suggest to every young athlete that they get involved in the event as much as they can and experience it from their heart and soul. Enjoying every minute of a competition is as much important as winning.” Fair play is more than victory.