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The members of the national Russian chess team donated 25 million rubles of prize money to hospitals

by Nickolai Dolgopolov

The members of the national Russian chess team donated 25 million rubles of prize money to hospitals in distant regions. COVID-19 attacked Russia later than other European countries. Now the situation is considered to be stable. Most cases are registered in Moscow followed by Saint-Petersburg and Moscow region.

All the borders remain closed. But foreign athletes who are playing in Russian clubs have received permission to return to the country.
Starting from the 25th of May several training camps resumed their work.  After passing the tests, members of the national teams start
еd the preparation for competitions.   

Author of this article (r) with editor of Komsomolskaya Pravda /RUS/ in 2019


All tournaments are still suspended except rugby and football national championships But only 10 per cent of the tickets available will be sold to the fans.
Only chess players are holding their numerous online tournaments. It was the initiative of eight members of the national chess team to donate their prize money to the hospitals in distant regions that lack modern equipment to fight against COVID-19. Nearly 25 million rubles were distributed among eight hospitals. The 14th world champion Vladimir Kramnik, who was the organizer of the tournament “Russian national team – for Russia” was highly praised by the press.

I phoned him to Geneva, where he is living now. And Vladimir explained to me why he made up his mind to launch a tournament in which prize money had been donated up to the last ruble to regional hospitals. Mr.Kramnik explained that the government was doing a lot to save people in need, But sometimes the out of the way towns with small hospitals needed medical equipment very urgently. And private money sent directly permit the provincial doctors to buy masks, gloves and equipment immediately.

The 14th chess world champion unexpectedly asked me to do him a favor. Via the governmental newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Vladimir Kramnik asked everybody who has any some to spend on charity to send the donations to small and distant vicinities less protected from COVID-19 attacks then the inhabitants of big cities.

The captain of the national Russian Chess team appreciated very much my comment that he and his friends made a noble Fair Play gesture. 

Everybody in Russia is waiting for the lockdown to be over. And generous persons like the famous chess players are not just waiting. They help people to survive.

Nickolai Dolgopolov, Vice President, Executive Committee Member of the International Fair Play Committee