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The trees of Fair Play were planted

This year’s World Fair Play Day commemoration was preceded by planting of Fair Play trees, which idea came from Jenő Kamuti, President of the International and National Fair Play Committee.

“Trees have been planted for many causes all over the world, but never in the name of Fair Play. I thought we should leave a mark for the future. Fair Play should be a guideline not only sport life, but even in all areas of our life, and we must raise people’s attention to its importance” – said Jenő Kamuti. He added that the main criterion of the International Fair Play Committee on choosing the venue was the sporting environment, which is close to children, so that as many people as possible could see the trees. He highlighted the venue ’Népliget’ is a perfect location, as many children play and walk here, and the Ferencváros Torna Club has also his sports ground there.

After Jenő Kamuti, Krisztina Baranyi, Mayor of the IX district and Gábor Deregán, Head of the Presidential Office of the International Fair Play Committee, planted the 3 trees – in front of which a logo promotes that Fair play is more than victory!  - Jenő Kamuti said that the first planting of the trees are connected to the World Fair Play Day, to 7th of September, and he would like to see more countries joining to this ceremony in the future. On the occasion of World Fair Play Day the International Fair Play Commitee hosted an hour and a half online discussions on the 7th of September, where famous sportsmen gave their views on Fair Play, and the video about the tree planting was also played.

Click here to watch the video about the planting ceremony.