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Universiade everywhere- even in the supermarket

Universiade everywhere- even in the supermarket

SHENZHEN,August 21,2011- Most Chinese are watching the Universiade from every possible corner, some of them from a restaurant, and others from the grandstands.

But, how about watching it for free from the TV monitors inside the supermarket?

The women's Football final pitting China and Brazil was a must watch for the locals in Shenzhen.

The electronics section of a local supermarket was full of "ahhhh","oohhh", "Jia you", "ahh yaa" as the customers literary suspended their shopping to watch the game.

'Long' Shenzhen resident was among them that were forced to watch the games from the supermarket.

"I saw it was a match between China and Brazil and I now I want to see the result.

Mr Hu which loosely translates to 'Tiger' was also watching the game "I came here because there is a lot of people and the image is very good," he admitted with a grin with his eyes glued on the LCD screen.

From a handful of customers who started off watching the game there was quite a crowd who cheered the Chinese team to victory as they beat Brazil on penalties to win the Gold.

It is quite common to find people watching matches at the Supermarket," said a middle aged man who gave his name as 'Nany', an employee of the supermarket.