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World Fair Play Awards for the year 2013

The CIFP awards are the following in the ascending order of merit:

I. Letter of Congratulations,
II. Diploma of Honour,
III. World Fair Play Trophies


1. Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy

  • to an athlete, or a team, for a gesture of fair play that cost, or could have cost his/her victory, or could have downgraded his sport performance;

World Fair Play Trophy:

Martin Damsbo – Archery, Denmark

Martin Damsbo - Archery, Denmark

On 15 June 2013: Compound Men, Individual Bronze Medal Final of the 2013 World Cup, Stage 2, in Antalya, Turkey.

The bronze medal match was between Martin Damsbo (Denmark) and Braden Gellenthien (USA). Both were warming up on the practice range before their match when Braden's bow malfunctioned and could not be repaired in time for the final. Braden could not use his spare bow either, as that had also malfunctioned earlier that day and could not be repaired sufficiently for the final.

For an archery match, athletes are required to have two bows as there is no time out for equipment failure, should one of the bows malfunction during the match. With no hesitation, Martin offered Braden his spare bow, so that Braden could compete in the match. Although Martin won the match in the end, WA wishes to nominate Martin for his unconditional generosity and sportsmanship that made him lend his spare equipment to an opponent, without taking into account the medal, the prize money and the ranking points at steak for the qualification for the end of season World Cup final in Paris.

Diploma of Honour:

Aleksandr Tukavin – Russia
Christophe Bassons – France
Florian Trinks – Germany
Ivan Fernandez Anaya – Spain
Silvia Spadacini – Italy

Letter of Congratulations

Bizzoza sailing team – Italy
Hamaici Cherif – Algeria
Leonardo Eusepi – Italy
Marilena Sofocleous – Cyprus


2. Jean Borotra World Fair Play Trophy

  • to a person for his/her remarkable general attitude showed all along his/her sport career, for an outstanding and constant spirit of fair play, for observing the unwritten rule of sport not to take advantage of an opponent's bad luck;

World Fair Play Trophy:

Mohamed AbdelAziz Ghonem – Egypt

Mohamed AbdelAziz Ghonem – Egypt

Prof. Dr. Mohamed AbdelAziz Ghonem was the head coach of the Egyptian National Boxing Federation and he is now the President of the same Federation until 2016. Meanwhile he is the Vice-Dean for Education & Student's Affairs, Faculty of Physical Education for men at the Helwan University.

His fair play act back in 2004 at the Athens Olympic Games has cost the victory of a Gold Olympic Medal: during the boxing competitions in the Athens Olympic Games and as a Head Coach of the Egypőtian National Boxing Team, one of the boxers reached and won the semi-final match. Unfortunately he has a serious injury in his arm – an injury that will not keep him away from competing but might affect his career as boxer and may affect and harm his arm. Despite the pressures to let him take part in the final match for a very good chance for the Egyptian Team to achieve its first ever Gold Medal, Dr. Ghonem refused to let the boxer take part for saving him from a permanent injury, which we consider as promotion for Fair Play Model for the upcoming generations to seek.
He always showed a remarkable general attitude all along his whole sportive career.

Diploma of Honour:

Barbara Grocholska-Kurkowiak – Poland
Denis Kulyash – Russia
Dogan Sahin – Turkey
Lajos Szabó – Hungary

Letter of Congratulations

Centro Itaca of Fano – Italy
Gianluca Zambrotta - Italy
Haxar Isaev – Azerbaijan
Laura Perinti – Italy
M. Stefano Figini – Italy
Wafia Boutaleb, Belgium
Younis Khamis Sonia Al Zadjali – Oman


3. Willi Daume World Fair Play Trophy

  • to a person or organization for an activity aiming at promoting

fair play by organizing national or local campaigns, giving lectures, writing articles in the press, or making comments on the radio or television;

World Fair Play Trophy:

International Children's Games – Slovenia

ICG Committee was nominated for the fair play award for promoting fair play and integrating a fair play award into the programme of the Summer Children Games 2013 (14-19 August) in Windsor, Essex, Canada.

It is a fact that the initiator for establishment of the International Children's Games Committee was Mr. Metod Klemenc from Slovenia. Following the idea to organize special games, some pupils aged twelve to fifteen met on 5th June 1968 and competed with each other in athletics disciplines in Celje. The pupils came from the then Yugoslavia – Belgrade, Zagreb, Czechoslovakia – Brno, Slovenia – Celje, Kranj Trbovlje, Austria – Graz, Switzerland – Lausanne and Italy – Udine.

Slovenian Committee for Children's Games is very active and it is also member of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. President of the Slovenian Children's Games Committee is member of Slovenian Olympic Academy.

President of Slovenian Olympic Academy Mr. Miroslav Cerar proposed to the committee to integrate fair play award into games at national level. Committee continues with fair play activities on the international level. And in year 2013, part of summer world games, there were also fair play activities and more than 60 proposals for fair play award.

The committee accept proposal and on best possible way promote fair play among children.

Diploma of Honour:

'He'Ya Arab Women in Sport' Exhibition Organizers – Qatar
Scort Foundation – Switzerland

Letter of Congratulations

A World of Football – Belgium
Dogan Kaya – Turkey
José Estevao Tomaz – Portugal
Parents and managers of Real Metauro youth sector – Italy
Sandra Veronese – Italy
U.S. Prestino 1974 – Italy
William Lennox Neurological Centre - Belgium


4. Fair Play Trophy for the Youth - Under the auspices of the IOC President

  • to an athlete, or a team UNDER 20, for a gesture of fair play

World Fair Play Trophy:

1. Hana Dragojevic – Croatia

Hana Dragojevic

At the sailing regatta for cadets, Opatija Spring Cup, held on 7 April 2013, Hana Dragojević, a nine-year-old girl (Labud Sailing Club) saved a boy, Marko Smolić, from the Val Sailing Club. His sailing boat capsized and he was left entangled in the lines in the position from which he could not free himself.

Hana Dragojević was among the leading contestants but when she heard Marko's scared and loud distress calls, she changed her course, approached Marko's sailing boat and jumped into the sea in order to help him, righted his capsized sailing boat and disentangled him from the lines and thus saved him.

The media reported about this act of fair play. Hana has already been presented with the awards from the regatta organizer and the Val Sailing Club, from which Marko Smolić comes.

2. "Triqui Children" Team - Mexico

The "Triqui Children" basketball team (indigenous "Triqui" children in school age – average age 12 years) that represented Mexico, won the IVth International Mini-Basketball Festival 2013 held in the city of Cordova, Argentina from 11 to 14 October 2013.

The act of fair play was that the children competed barefoot, because they learned to play basketball in poor indigenous "Triqui" communities in the state of Oaxaca where they were born.

Playing barefoot could have cost them their victory, or could have decreased their athletic performance.

When the Organizing Committee urged the team to play with tennis shoes on, the children played with greater difficulty or could not even play because their feet did not tolerate the shoes for obvious reasons.

Even under these extreme circumstances, the "Triqui" children played with a real sense of responsibility, honour and spirit of fair play, and managed to win the tournament.

Letter of Congratulations

Daniel Martin – Belgium
Jacopo Peron – Italy
Rebecca Corinna Winkler – Germany
Simone Bianchi – Italy
Thrasos Ionnaou – Cyprus
Vedran Bakac – Croatia
Yildirimspor – Turkey
Yoeic Caro and Quentin Ronse – Belgium


5. UNESCO Fair Play Trophy

Mintimer Shaymiev – Republic of Tatarstan

He is the chairman of the Guardian Council of the Republican foundation "Renaissance" and State Counselor of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. He is the First President of the Republic of Tatarstan and he still holds many honorable positions.

He believes that there is no better or more effective ideology than sport, which could have brought people all over the world together regardless of the nationality and religious affiliation.

He was one of the first leaders supporting the idea of staging the World Summer Universiade in Kazan, which became a huge success. During his presidency many top level sport venues have been built, Tatarstan has today a well developed sport infrastructure.

Tatarstan athletes have implemented his life-long slogan "we can!", illustrating perfectly the true competitive spirit of athletes' nature.

He owns numerous awards, including International Award of Tatar people, Russian Journalists Union Award, National award in the field of PR, or even the cultural National Russian Theater Award. Besides many state awards, he earned the "Man of the year 1997/98" international title from the International Cambridge Biographical Center (England).