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World Fair Play Day event in Brussels

Honouring the City of Brussels and the other Belgian winners of the CIFP’s Fair Awards
The City of Brussels was awarded the Willi Daume Trophy by the International Fair Play Committee for its actions to promote Fair-Play in 2020. The Willi Daume Trophy is the highest level of international recognition regarding the promotion of Fair Play. 

The award was handed over on the occasion of the World Fair Play Day celebration by Jenő Kamuti, President of the International Fair Play Committee in Brussels.

Philippe Close, Mayor of the City of Brussels said at the event: "As a former sportsman, I fully agree with the indispensable benefits of fair play in the sports world. Beautiful moments often follow it. Thanks to Panathlon Wallonie - Bruxelles, the International Day of Fair Play is now recognized worldwide. The City of Brussels is fully in line with these values and makes them an indispensable basis for the practice of sport."
"It is a real honor for the City of Brussels to be awarded for its efforts towards promoting the spirit of fair play. We are thrilled to having been associated with the creation of this international day. We hope that, in the future, we will be able to play our part in the promotion of those common values among all athletes." added Benoit Hellings, First Alderman City of Brussels in charge of Climate and Sports.
President of CIFP presented the awards to other Belgian awardees as well.
The event was organized by City of Brussels together with Panathlon Wallonie-Brussels.