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A first in Fair Play History

World Fair Play Council and Europe Fair Play Association will be holding a joint congress in Baku.

CIFP World Fair Play Association's President Dr. Jenö Kamuti, EFPM Europe Fair Play Association's President Christian Hinderberger, 2nd President Erdoğan Arıpınar, General Secretary Ioannis Psilopoulos, Azerbaijan National Olympics Committee 2nd President and Fair Play Council's President Hazar Isaev, Europe Games protocol chief manager Emin Hacıev took some important decisions in Istanbul regarding 1st Europe Games to be held in Baku during 2015.

Accordingly; CIFP and EFPM will make a joint congress in October, 2015 in Baku as a first in Fair Play History and EFPM and CIFP prizes will be awarded with a ceremony after.

The CIFP and Azerbaijan sport authorities representatives investigated the possibilities to organize a set of activities during the 1st European Games in Baku 2015 for the promotion of Fair Play principles and ideals. These activities will be submitted as proposals to the EOC and Azerbaijan Sport Authorities for due approval

A first in Fair Play History