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Fair Play Charter for Youth by CIFP

  1. Fair play is the only way.
  2. I shall devote my utmost of my physical, intellectual and moral abilities to both training and competition.
  3. I shall observe the written and the unwritten rules of my sport.
  4. I shall treat my opponents in the same manner in which I would like to be treated.
  5. During the competition, my aim is to defeat my opponents, not to hurt or humiliate them.
  6. I shall respectfully acknowledge the decisions of the judges.
  7. I shall bear both victory and defeat with dignity.
  8. My greatest gratitude is towards my parents, teachers and trainers – without whom I would not be here.
  9. I am ready to help someone in need even if I put my own victory at risk by doing so.
  10. I represent my homeland with great humility and humbleness.

+ 1. I would like to be a role model for the youth in my country and my sport.