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World Fair Play Trophy

Since its foundation by UNESCO and a number of international sports governing bodies in Paris in 1963, the goal of the International Fair Play Committee is the worldwide defence and promotion of fair play.

In order to honour and direct attention to acts of fair play performed either within or outside the sports world, the International Fair Play Committee annually awards World Fair Play Prizes to personalities who have proved to be excellent ambassadors of fair play.

Any organisation and private individual is allowed and invited without restriction to submit their nominees for the annual World Fair Play Prizes.

The World Fair Play Prizes are awarded for acts in three categories as follows:

  • For an act of fair play by complying with both the written and unwritten rules of sport.
  • For a general attitude of sportsmanship throughout a sports career by demonstrating an outstanding and constant spirit of fair play.
  • For an activity aiming to promote fair play such as the organisation of national or local campaigns, lectures, books, articles or reports
    in the media.

There are three formats of the CIFP World Fair Play Awards which are in the ascending order of merit as follows:

  • Letter of Congratulations in all three categories
  • Diploma of Honour in all three categories
  • World Fair Play Trophies:
    • Pierre de Coubertin World Trophy for an athlete or team for an act of fair play
    • Jean Borotra World Trophy for an individual for his or her career
    • Willi Daume World Trophy for an individual or organisation for the promotion of fair play
  • Fair Play Trophy for the Youth – Under the Auspices of the IOC President

In cooperation with the International Olympic Committee, the CIFP established and handed out an award dedicated to the youngest ambassadors of fair play in 2013. With the 'Fair Play Trophy for the Youth – Under the Auspices of the IOC President' the CIFP is to recognize junior athletes who are committed to the ideal of fair play and who demonstrate and embody their fair play spirit through their acts on and off the sporting field.

The awards are conferred by the Council of the International Fair Play Committee composing the Jury that holds its annual meeting in spring where the decision about the Award Winners are made.