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Ágnes Keleti received Fair Play Career Award

Dr. Jenő Kamuti, President of International Fair Play Committee, presented International Fair Play Career Award to Ágnes Keleti on the occasion of her 100th birthday celebration at the Rumbach Street Synagogue in Budapest.

The President of the Committee emphasized at the handover celebration:

„Ágnes Keleti’s career, both as an athlete and as a university teacher and lecturer, was characterized by acceptance and tolerance, which are the basic ideas of Fair Play. We have known each other for many years, decades, and I hope that this will remain for a long time. Happy Birthday Ágnes!’

The five-time Olympic medalist lady, who is the world’s oldest living Olympic champion, celebrates her 100th birthday on Saturday, 9 January 2021.

Ágnes Keleti is 5 times Olympic Gold medalist, World Champion, 4 times World University Champion gymnast. She received several awards, among others she is member of the International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame and the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.


CIFP/Gábor Deregán, photo: Tamás Róth