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Chinese president opens 26th Universiade

Chinese president opens 26th Universiade

SHENZHEN, August 13, 2011 - The 26th Shenzhen Summer Universiade has been opened officially by the Chinese president Hu Jintao, in a colourful event at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre also known as the Spring Cocoon in the South Coast of China.

The Chinese leader, direct from the podium he was sitting, launched the event by saying, 'I declare open the 26th Shenzhen Summer Universiade'

Leading the bustling spectators to cheer with joy followed by the fireworks, which were not real as to emphasize the environmental friendly message of the 26th Summer Universiade.

The almost three hours show was done on the symbolic stage, which has an @ symbol, symbolizing the fast paced information age that is bringing the world closer together, decorated by 2,000,000 plastic bottles recycled by the Shenzhen residents.

Earlier inviting the State Leader, the FISU president, George E. Killian, said the event is the biggest ever to be organized by FISU in its history.

'I would like to thank the federations of University Sports of China, the Chinese authorities and all my colleagues of the FISU family who contributed to the preparations of this event' said the FISU president.

He also urged the athletics to use the unique opportunity to meet new people as they are all housed in the athletes' village.

The event was highlighted by various performances of Chinese songs, dances and other cultural shows, with the packed crowd applauding all the time.

It was a great moment when the gate, named as 'the door of the world' ,holding the world record of 22.5 m tall and 4 m thick with the weight of 430 tons opened for the delegation of various countries to enter.

This is the first largest multisport event to be held in Shenzhen, with more than 7500 athletes from 147 countries, competing in 306 games into 24 sports.

Being held in a city which is almost 30 years of age with the population of 10, 3579 million people and the age average of 30 years, the event will award 306 gold medals to the university students and recent graduates aged between 17 and 28.

There could be no better part of the opening ceremony as the audience, approximated to be 12,000, who were cheering and applauding all the time while waving their national flag, setting a great mood for the event kicking off tomorrow with one gold up for competition in the open swimming game.