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Fair Play Booth closed in Youth Olympic Village

Fair Play Booth closed in Youth Olympic Village

The Fair Play Booth closed in the Youth Olympic Village as the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games came to an end on 28 August. During the 12 competition days over 1500 young athletes visited the pavilion of CIFP and learnt about the written and unwritten rules of sportsmanship.

While getting involved in fun and easy interactive activities and workshops, the participants of the fair play games had the opportunity to gain experience of the importance and meaning of team spirit, friendship, respect, as well as mutual cooperation and communications. Moreover, through concrete examples of fair play acts carried out by dedicated athletes, it was presented that anyone can become a role model.

The Fair Play Booth saw a large number of prestigious guests and visitors during the course of the event. In addition to the Athlete Role Models, numerous IOC Members including Wilfried Lemke and Frank Fredericks made a tour around the Culture and Education Programme activities. The visit of the IOC President, Mr Thomas Bach was one of the highlights of the two-weeks. Mr Bach also emphasized the significance of fair play in sport.

The CIFP Team looks forward to the upcoming editions of the Youth Olympic Games. See you in Lillehammer in 2016.