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FIS launches its 'Say NO! To Doping campaign: Clean as Snow' in Alpine Skiing

FIS launches its 'Say NO! To Doping campaign: Clean as Snow' in Alpine Skiing

OBRHOFEN, December 22, 2011 - FIS's Anti-Doping campaign; "Skiers and
Snowboarders Say NO! to Doping - Clean as Snow" was officially launched in
in Alpine Skiing in Flachau (AUT) this week. The launch in the Nordic
disciplines already took place at the Nordic Opening in Ruka, Kuusamo
(FIN) at the end of November.

Say NO! To Doping is an awareness campaign created by the World
Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for organizations to unite in support of
doping-free sport. FIS is fully committed to the fight against doping and
is proud to have WADA's endorsement for its Clean as Snow campaign which
incorporates the WADA guidelines. 14 international organizations have so
far embraced WADA's awareness campaign, including FIS.

The Clean as Snow campaign is launched with the support of the FIS
Athletes' Commission, underlining its proactive stance for anti-doping in
support of fair and clean ski sports. In Flachau, athletes were encouraged
to promote the campaign through special Clean as Snow material as well as
signing on a branded Clean as Snow plastic glass in the finish area and
the activities were well-covered by the host broadcaster, ORF.

Anja Pärson (SWE), FIS Athletes' Commission representative for ladies'
Alpine Skiing said: "We all train very hard to get to the top. And we do
it clean! So, don't go downhill with doping! Join me in showing support
for the Clean as Snow campaign by sharing YOUR message with the world."

(Source: AIPS)