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Let’s celebrate Olympic Day together

Today International Olympic Day is celebrated around the World.  The Olympics, the idea of Olympism has been highlighted the whole sport life for decades. Nowadays it is so worldwide and well-known that it goes far beyond sports. The Olympic Games are not organized every year, therefore it is important that the concept of Olympism should be remembered at least once a year and thus the Olympic values come to our mind, we recall our heroes and their results.

This year, Covid-19 is unfortunately darkening our lives. It has fundamentally changed our daily lives. The Tokyo Olympic Games had to be postponed as also other championships. Athletes could not train according normal schedule, the active life living people were trapped between the four walls. Under these circumstances is hold today the Day of Olympics, 23th June.

The International Fair Play Committee will also join the Olympic Day and encourage anyone who can do to join the campaign of International Olympic Committee, exercise, enjoy the good weather and joy of training.  Humanity needs memorable moments, especially in these uncertain, confused times. Let’s commemorate of our champions, our Olympic heroes and the happy moments they caused. If we can, let’s talk about it to children, draw the attention to the importance of Olympism.   

In the spirit of Fair Play we wish everyone in the World peace, happiness and joy!


Dr. Jenő Kamuti


International Fair Play Committee