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Sport Values in Every Classroom - launch of toolkit

CIFP is pleased to announce the launch of the “Sport Values in Every Classroom” education toolkit, that took place during the Seventh UNESCO Conference of Parties (COP) - International Convention against Doping in Sport, which was being held from 29-31 October in Paris, France.

The toolkit, which is a free, cross-curricular resource targeted at teachers of students aged 8-12 years old, was developed in partnership by the following international organizations: WADA; the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); the Agitos Foundation; the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE); the International Fair Play Committee (IFPC); and, the Olympic Foundation for Cultural Heritage (OFCH). It was based on commissioned research conducted by a team associated with the International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP).

SVIEC launch

Speakers on Values-Based Education at the launch of the Sport Values in Every Classroom toolkit

CIFP representative Daniel Koszegi said: "The main idea and the core values of "Sport Values In Every Classroom" are the basis of Fair Play and sportsmanship. The CIFP will implement the toolkit into its culture and education program as a new and exciting way to teach youth respect, equity, and inclusion."

The toolkit is intended to complement the existing international curricula by promoting student engagement while helping teachers and other educators instill some of the core values that are synonymous with sport; such as: respect, equity and inclusion, all underpinned by the value of fairness.

The core of the toolkit is a set of 30 Activity Cards that act as complete lesson plans for teachers. These activities can be delivered in the classroom or in the gym, and support teachers in achieving many different curriculum requirements. The activities are engaging and fun even for a classroom setting and have been successfully delivered to children both younger and older than the target age group. The toolkit also includes a Quick Guide and a Teacher’s Companion, which provide academic support to those who seek extra guidance or ideas.

The toolkit is currently available in English – with more languages to follow soon – and can be downloaded from any of the participating partners’ websites.

To download the toolkit please click on the picture: