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Together stronger: The future of Sport - IOC Conference on Women and Sport

Together stronger: The future of Sport - IOC Conference on Women and Sport

LOS ANGELES, February 18, 2012 - The 5th IOC World Conference for Women and Sports has kicked off in Los Angeles, California, USA. The event is being held during the period from 15 to 19 February.

he conference, which is held every four years, is organized by the International Olympic Committee, the USA Olympic Committee, the Southern California Olympic Committee and the City of Los Angeles.

Together Stronger: The future of Sport is the theme for this 5th IOC World Conference on Women and Sport.

On Thursday, continental Associations' meetings has been held followed by the official opening ceremony in the evening. IOC president Jacquess Rogges officially opened the conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center in LA Live. Attending were Larry Probust, USOC president, Anita DeFrantz, chair, IOC Women and Sport Commission and Antonio Villaragosa, Mayor of Los Angeles.

After speeches, presentation were allocated to the 2012 IOC Women and Sports awards from Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the World.

The second day saw the event getting into real and effective action. Six sessions took place; the first two plenary sessions were held in the morning; "LEADERSHIP VIEWS ON WOMEN IN THE WORLD OF SPORT" moderated by Anita DeFrantz, Chairperson, IOC Women and Sport Commission.

The second plenary session held the theme of "PARTERNSHIPS FOR PROGRESS", moderated by Ms Nawal El Moutawakel, IOC Executive Board Member.

In the afternoon, four dialogue sessions took place; The sessions tackled the following themes and issues; Session A; "Setting the pace for a sustainable responsibility" moderated by Donna De Varona, IOC Women and Sport Commission member

Session By; "Government, legislature and attitudes" Moderated by Gen. Lassana Palenfo, President of ANOCA

The « MATTERS MEDICAL » was the theme of the dialogue session C, which was moderated by Dr. Ugur Erdener, IOC Member, Medical Commission Member.
Dialogue Session D tackled the issue of "Empowering women and girls through Education" moderated by Patrick Bauman, IOC member, FIBA Secretary General

Anita L. DeFrantz, Chair, IOC Women and Sport Commission said "Over the years since the first world conference, we have worked hard to make the Olympic Games accessible for women on the field of play as well as in the decision making boards of sport. We have experienced a large measure of success. As we look forward, we recognize that it is t8ime to ensure that both women and men are involved in making the achievements permanent.

"We all know that teamwork is essential for success in most things. We reach out to our brethren to join us. The challenges before us require commitment to the very principles of the Olympic Movement- mutual respect and fair play.

"I'm confident that those of us gathered for this conference will bring insight to solving the remaining challenges and leave with the joy that we will make a difference in the future of sport."

The Conference concludes tomorrow Saturday with the final statement and recommendations being announced, followed by a press Conference.

(Source: AIPS)