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Universiade 2013 honours fair play

Universiade-2013 honours “Fair Play” - Jeno Kamuti

President of International Committee for Fair Play, Jeno Kamuti has said that with the start of the 27th Summer Universide-2013 in Kazan, the committee has acquired an ally in the name of the International University Sports Federation.

Fair Play is a code of ethical and moral laws based on inner conviction for nobility and justice in sport. The International Committee for Fair Play was established in Paris in 1963.

Russian sportsmen strongly follow these principles. For one, Olympic champion in the 3,000 meters hurdles presented his prize-money to an orphanage and the republican fund for reviving historical and cultural monuments in the republic of Tatarastan.

Hockey player Denis Zaripov built an ice rink and fitness centre in his native village, while world champion in trap-shooting Svetlana Deomina is training children suffering from blood cancer and takes part in competitions with them.

Many Russian sportsmen have displayed their generosity more than once, says Jeno Kamuti. He cited gymnast Alexei Nemov as an example. After an underserved defeat at the Athens Olympics in 2004, Alexei Nemov calmed the angry audience, while Sergei Bubka gave his pole to his rival after his jump.

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