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World Fair Play Awardees 2019-2020

At the ceremony, held in the Buda Castle, Jenő Kamuti, President of the International Fair Play Committee, in his opening speech reminded us that the concept of Fair Play has been around since the ancient Olympic Games. 

He added that nowadays the social and ethical changes make it more and more necessary to expand the ideas of Fair Play. He stressed, that with the rise of cheating, lying, corruption, chauvinism, greed for money and political careerism, Fair Play is becoming increasingly important. Finally he expressed his pleasure that after a two-year break due to pandemic, the best Fair Play Awardees could be honoured at a joint gala event. 

Pal Schmitt, IOC Member, former President of Hungary, spoke of the importance of keeping the flame of Fair Play alive, which is the responsibility of this organization in collaboration with the IOC and other partners. The two times Olympic Champion fencer drew the attention that President Kamuti has been leading the organization for 22 years to everyone's satisfaction. He highlighted and thanked for the dedicated work of Sunil Sabharwal, Secretary General, and Gabor Deregan, Head of the Presidential Office. 


Please, find below the Awardees with thier exemplary stories.

World Fair Play Awardees 2019-2020 

2019 (for 2020 scroll down)



Roger Casugay

Casugay was leading a one-on-one race against Indonesian surfer Arip Nurhidayat when he noticed that Nurhidayat broke his ankle leash and was swept by towering waves at Monaliza Point, La Union in northern Philippines. Casugay, a surfing instructor, paddled back to Nurhidayat and helped him back to shore not minding the ongoing race for gold medal.



Saeid Mollaei

Saeid Mollaei showed courage and integrity during the 2019 World Judo Championships when he denounced the threats and pressure to which he has been subject to by the Iranian authorities in order to avoid the confrontation of an Israeli opponent on and off the tatami. This confession might have downgraded his sport performance, not being able to fulfill his career, nor pursue his Olympic dream, nor enjoy the freedom of choice, amidst threats against his family. Saeid is an advocate for freedom, fair play and equality between athletes.


Russia Men's 3x3 basketball team

When a basketball player of Uganda got injured in the match of the group tournament of the World Games there was nobody to replace him. As there was no substitution in the team according to the rules the next game was to be played in 3x2 format. But Russia refused to take advantage and played the match in 2x2 format.


Valentina Pereglin

Due to the judge's mistake Valentina Pereglin wrongly received two points more than her rivals in World Championship Field Crossbow competition. Although she reported the incident to the judges that they have not taken into consideration, Valentina placed second place instead of fourth. After the victory ceremony, Valentina handed her silver medal to the bronze medal winner. Later that evening, the Executive Committee of the IAU discussed Valentina's demand to redistribute medals and accepted her justification for doing so.




Carlos Puyol

Not many football players are as known and as respected as Carles Puyol. The former captain of the Spanish national team won so many prestigious titles and he was always a leader by example of good behavior. He managed to be the gentleman on the pitch. His way of playing is specific: he was always playing for his team, for his fans and for all of us.  

Larisa Latynina

Larisa Latynina won 18 Olympic medals on her three Olympic Games which was a record for 48 years. Later she worked as a consultant and an international referee of FIG and helped to organise several gymnastic events for the youngsters. All her life she is observing the rules of Fair Play on the podium and in her long life. She lectured the younger generation on the basics of fair Play. Larynina started to mention Fair Play when the movement was not yet that known in her country.



Erika Dienstl

After her active fencer career, Erika Dienstl was the president of the German Fencing Federation for 14 years and the vice president of the German Sports Confederation from 1982 to 2002. After leaving her position in the German Fencing Federation, she was appointed Honorary President of the association.


Ryszard Stadniuk

Ryszard Stadniuk was one of the best Polish rowers. During his presidential reign in the Polish Rowing Federation, rowing became one of the most successful Polish sports with 2 Olympic Medals. For many years he was dedicating his life to help and assist successive generations of Polish rowers, always paying attention to correct sports competition, both at the national and international levels. A person full of generosity and role model, very respected by the Polish nation and sports society.


Catia Pedrini

As the president of Modena Voleyball, she always showed particular attention to the themes of fair play, related not only to the behavior of the players, but also to that of the fans, who won in 2017 and 2019 the "Jimmy George" award of the Volley League, reserved for the most correct fans.


Chingiz Huseynzadeh

The events under the leadership of Chingiz Huseynzadeh, who has a number of services in the development of Azerbaijan and world sports, were held at the high level and in a commitment to the principles of justice. So far, it has done a number of important activities to promote the principles of fair play, to build relations with the European and International Fair Games Movement. He worked for the development of this field and represented Azerbaijan for the first time in the Congress and Assembly of the European Fair Play Movement. He was awarded the Order of Honor of the European Olympic Committee.





Turkey – 1st World Fair Play Photo Contest

Turkey's National Olympic Committee made another breakthrough after winning Trophy from CIFP for organizing a Fair Play Cartoon Contest for the first time in the world. It was the first time in the world that a Fair Play Photography contest was organized. Photos from all over the world were evaluated and awarded by the grand jury. The exhibition is exhibited by TMOK Universities Fair Play Caravan in the country and abroad. It plays a big role in the promotion of Fair Play.



Alexander Rubio Alvarez

As he thinks: fair play requires the construction of values such as respect, empathy, tolerance, resilience and essentially recognizing other individuals as members of a team, respecting individualities. His proposal has improved all these values from team work, self- recognition, otherness and empathy. Achieving this work reduces violence, the problems of coexistence in thousands of students in the southern pan of the city, which is characterized by problems of gangs, drugs and drug trafficking.


Ruggero Alcanterini

Ruggero Alcanterini is a well-known journalist and the President of the Italian National Fair Play Committee (CNIFP) since 2005. He was European Fair Play Movement Executive Committee Member from 2012 to 2016. Since 2017 he has been an EFPM Honorary Member.


Katayoun Ashraf

Katayoon Ashraf has inspired a whole generation of female paddlers, ensuring they are equipped with vital life skills both on and off the water. She has organized seven workshops according to the Olympic Charter as fair play, respect and environment. She also held fair play competitions in France, Algeria and Chinese Taipei in order to identify talents in national and international levels.





Giovanni Borgonovo

Giovanni Borgonovo has competed in the Rowing Trophy Villa D’Este and, on his arrival, his GPS marked exactly 6.100 meters. He was declared the winner, but he went to the jury with his trainer and the GPS as he claimed to have made the turn of the buoy inside (a few seconds difference from the turn of the buoy on the outside). The jury was adamant and not only took away his victory but also disqualified him. He was honest and his gesture was reported to the Rowing Federation which awarded him the prize “courage and honesty 2019”.


Fradi U8-U10 Deaf Hockey Ice Team

An open day for Ferencváros Tournament Club hockey section was attended by a deaf little boy, Botond Tapolczai. Botond liked the sport and to facilitate his integration into the community, the team learned sign language during a training camp. The gesture is exemplary, but communication remains difficult. Botond almost stopped hockey. The team recruited additional deaf children. The goal of the club and section is to integrate their physically disabled young partners, and in the long run they do not plan to separate them from the intact, but to do sports together.


Eugenio Dondi

In an attempt to stop, Kevin Dal Passo slips to the ground, hurting himself quite badly in a cycling competition. Eugenio Dondi, who was just behind him, stopped to wait for him to get up. Both departed, then engaged in a splendid sprint that saw Eugenio prevail. Immediately after the race, while his father was medicating him, Kevin whispered to him: "Do you know why Eugenio waited for me? Because he's a good friend...” and then they went to play together.






AEK Athen FC

Before the football game between AEK FC and PAOK FC in the play offs AEK FC did not exercise their right to lodge a protest due to the fact that the host team had not renewed the validity of twelve health cards, was the most important event in the conduct of Super League 2019/20 championship, in the midst of a pandemic. AEK's decision was a positive surprise for everyone involved in Greek football. This is definitely one of the most important and in practice fair play actions in the history of Greek Football.



David Livramento

On the second day of the 81st Tour of Portugal about 15 km from the finish line, a fall occurs within the peloton, where several cyclists had fallen. Being able to continue his race, David Livramento in a very noble and great Fair Play gesture suspended it, losing precious time, to help Emanuel Duarte, cyclist from an opposing team, but above all a professional colleague involved in the fall, and who at that moment needed help. David helped him to his feet and supported him in repairing the bicycle.


Luisiane Varclo  / Uruguayan wheelchair tennis player

Luciano Varela was playing against his Canadian opponent when the latter’s wheelchair broke. Varela asked to stop the match in order to fix the Canadian competitor's wheelchair. Then the game continued and the Uruguayan player lost the match. The gesture of solidarity and fair play was made by the whole Uruguayan team.


The National Russian Chess Team

The members of the national Russian chess team donated more than 25 million rubles of prize money to hospitals in distant regions to buy medical equipment for patients infected by COVID-19. It was the initiative of eight members of the national chess team to donate their prize money. Small hospitals needed medical equipment very urgently and the private money that was sent directly permitted the provincial doctors to buy masks, gloves and equipment immediately.


Nancy Fakidi

During the third race of the International Regatta Nancy Fakidi was first before passing a buoy. The wind was strong and she saw one younger laser 4.7 sailor in the sea. The girl seemed not to be well because the mast of her boat had hit her. Without any thought, she stopped to help the girl. Mrs Fakidi kept her on her boat to give first aid. Fortunately in the end, everything was fine and Evdokia Baltzi, the younger sailor, was safe. Because of the fact Mrs Fakidi lost the gold medal and finished 6th.


Keevin Malcourant

Keevin marked the last edition of Erpent's "La Printanière" jogging race by accompanying  another runner, Guido, 82, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, throughout the race,  dropping his time goal. This gesture by Keevin Malcourant reminds everyone that sport, beyond victories and podiums, conveys beautiful positive values that must be shown by example.


Magnus Carlsen

As the pandemic started all around the world, practically all sport events were canceled and chess was not an exception. The world champion Magnus Carlsen with his team took the initiative and started to organize a series of top events where top-seeded chess players are competing. When Magnus played against world Ding Liren, the Chinese lost internet connection, which meant that he lost the game. In the next game the world champion gave away his queen in 4 moves and resigned in order to make the match even and to continue the match on equal terms.


Diego Méntrida

British athlete James Teagle was on course to win third place in the 2020 Santander Triathlon in Spain when he made a mistake metres from the finish. Diego Méntrida overtook him but noticed the error and stopped to allow Teagle to cross first.


BVSC-ZUGLÓ Water Polo Team

The BVSC-Zugló water polo team showed great sportsmanship as they unconditionally accepted the request of Vasas water polo team to postpone the OB I championship match between them as Vasas players struggled with coronavirus. The two teams were direct rivals for the 4th place but BVSC-Zugló did not want to take advantage of this situation.





Nikita Simonyan

Simonyan is the living legend of Russian football and the unquestionable example of Fair Play. Surely he is the one who can be called Mr. Fair Play of Football. He is working really hard as the first Vice-President of the Russian Football Union. He has been occupying this post since 1990. He is respected by everybody since his initial steps in football. After the final match of the 1956 Olympic Football Tournament he gave his gold medal to another football player who hadn’t been able to appear on the field in the final because of injury.



Prof. Franco Ascani is the president of FICTS – Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs and member of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education. He is the organiser and animator of the Milan Trophies, athletics competitions for elementary and middle school students in the province of Milan with the participation of thousands of boys and girls under the slogan ’Let's start again with sport and with young people!’



Alessandro Palazzotti

He trained generations of athletes and sportsmen. He has been promoting the leadership of athletes with disabilities and has advocated the theme of inclusion through sports at national and international level for 40 years. While all Italian sports stopped due to the Covid pandemic, he initiated on-line competitions in 12 sports with the participation of more than 5,000 athletes.


Gianfranco Vitali

In the summer of 2020 he organized one of the rarest residential summer camps, respecting the very restrictive health safety criteria for carrying out this type of activity, fundamental for the social recovery of the children, penalized by the long Italian lockdown, thus giving greater importance to their needs. All organized sporting activities were open to children with disabilities (physical and intellectual).


Alfredo and Lella Ambrosetti

Alfredo and Lella (Special Olympics board members) had the honor to meet and then become friends with the Kennedy family who founded the Special Olympics. They have promoted fair play in sport by supporting the Special Olympics in Italy. They tried to guarantee the access to sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities, always considering fairness, ethics and respect.


Felix Sienra Castellanos

Félix Sienra Castellenos is an Uruguayan veteran sportsman, former sailor and sports leader, born on January 21. 1916. Now he is 106 years old. He competed in many Regattas and in various sailing Championships and events around the World representing Uruguay.  In 2011, he wrote ’Under the Southern Cross. A hundred Years of Yachting', a story about the history of the Yacht Club of Uruguay, the Uruguayan yachting and his own life. He transmitted the fair play spirit and his legacy to the new generations.


Stephen Roche

Stephen Roche is an Irish former professional road racing cyclist. In a 13-year professional career, he peaked in 1987, becoming the second of only two cyclists to win the Triple Crown of victories in the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia general classification, plus the World road race championship. He was one of the finest cyclists of his generation and admired for his pedalling style. He had 58 professional career wins. In 1993 he was honoured with the Fair Play award from the French Minister for Culture for his contribution to sport over his 13 year career.





Maxime Mbandà

Player of Zebre of Parma and third line of the Italian national team. He has distinguished himself with various praiseworthy initiatives in the fight against racism and discrimination and in favour of inclusion and solidarity. After the suspension of competitive activity due to the pandemic, he volunteered in the ambulances of the Yellow Cross of Parma with great humanity and generosity, telling on social networks his emotions, urging young people to be protagonists towards others and people in need. With his behaviour he has contributed to affirming the founding principles of Fair Play in an exemplary manner.


City of Brussels

The City of Brussels has made its magnificent City Hall available for the organization of the first edition of the World Fair Play Day on September 7, 2020. An event supported by the Manneken Pis dressed in his Fair Play costume. By organizing its actions on its territory, the City of Brussels shows the importance it gives to the promotion of Fair-Play values, in the field of sport, education and citizenship in general.



Mario Testi

Professor Mario Testi, after a life dedicated to teaching sport and fair play, left us in March 2020.  He always fought to help others. Mario Testi wrote a book after defeating myeloma for the first time. He wrote it to motivate others to face this "challenge" as one would face a race, respecting the rules and committing oneself, as those who apply fair play know how to do.


Francesco Franceschetti

The main aspect is to have promoted a sporting discipline extremely educational both in the school/university and at national level. The rules of the ultimate frisbee, edited by Prof. Franceschetti, does not provide for the presence of the referee in team competitions. The players therefore must self-regulate among themselves and become referees themselves and they are required to behave responsibly and with mutual respect. The merit is to have promoted, disseminated, and taught to young people the spirit and the art of Fair Play.


Dr. Steven Ungerleider

Dr. Ungerleider’s efforts – through the film, Courage First, and Humanitarian Award - to create a safe and abuse-free sport culture directly reflect many of the same fair play ideals upheld by the CIFP, including: integrity, equality, care, solidarity and respect.


Stefano Bizzozi

Stefano Bizozzi is the president of the Sports Around the World that is an Italian non-profit association that aims to bring sport to 5 African nations. With their work they build infrastructures, train sports coaches and actively collaborate with local institutions and the world of education in post-conflict contexts or in unstable situations. Their goal is to give as many children as possible the opportunity to play and play sports, and to provide them with an education that will enable them and their countries to aspire to a better future.


Municipality Profondeville

The town of Profondeville has organized many activities to promote Fair Play as 3 movie sessions for local schools and setting up 40 Fair Play signs in sports facilities. By organizing its actions on its territory, the town of Profondeville shows the importance it gives to the promotion of Fair-Play values, in the field of sport, education and citizenship in general. In 2020, Profondeville has promoted sport values and wants to keep doing it in the following years.


Young students of the Jean Jaurès School (Charleroi)

Students of Institut Jean Jaurès in Charleroi, have designed the Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles Logo “Fair-Play is a Sport” to show that Fair-Play is in every physical activity. By taking part in this initiative proposed by Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles and the “Hainaut” district, students had to think about Fair-Play and Sport values to be able to express themselves and create these drawings that will be used by the Sport Federation.


The Rugby Club of Soignies

The club is one of those who helped Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles to become globally known by a clip directed by Eric Bauwens. Eric who had suggested doing it with a number of professions but with the rugby club as its base. This presentation was made at an international level and the jury not only wanted to honor the work of the rugby club but also to use the clip for other purposes but in the same spirit.


Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles

The non-profit organization Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles has organized the 1000km of Fair-Play with its members to say Thank you from the Belgian sport world to all the essential institutions which really help us during the covid crisis. This event has shown the importance of all these positive sport values. In every place, there were strong moments with hundreds of workers, full of humanity which remind us that social interaction is key to life.


François Poull

François is a physical education teacher specializing in psychomotricity and new sports. And he is the creator of the PoullBall. His objective was to bring a maximum of students to take part in the game, strong or weak. The philosophy is based on Fair-Play and basic educational values. It's a great project because the ambitions are positive: to allow a maximum of people to practice sports.


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Photos: Tamás Róth