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2014 World Fair Play Trophy Winners

Trophy WinnersThe International Fair Play Committee recognises the greatest ambassadors of fair play who act in the spirit of sportsmanship either on and off the sporting field. Let's get to know the toughing stories of these exeptional personalities.

2. Willi Daume World Fair Play Trophy


Willi Daume World Fair Play Trophy

Ligue Francophone de Hockey

Ligue Francophone de Hockey concerned about the values it promotes, tries to reinforce the image of hockey as a sport with high fair play standards through all possible channels. In line with this goal, they launched a Fair Play Challenge in the 2013/2014 season. The principle is simple: at the end of each match, the referees complete a report covering several criteria. Aspects like interaction and attitude towards the opponents, the performance of the line-up, the individual behaviour of players, captains and staff members before, during and after the game as well as the number of cards distributed are all essential components of the report. With the help of these criteria, a fair play ranking is established between the clubs. This challenge guarantees a differentiated ranking for senior and youth teams, and at the end of the season, the winning clubs are honoured for their fair play attitude manifested throughout the season. This scheme raises the awareness of the national hockey family about the importance of respect and the values of fair play. It is important to point out that this campaign puts referees on the spot, as this additional task enables them not only to penalize when needed but also to highlight positive acts accomplished by the players throughout a game. Their role is thus indispensable, difficult and merits respect. By this initiative, the Ligue Francophone de Hockey has set a unique and remarkable example to follow.