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Arab Football League in the spirit of Fair Play

16 teams from 14 embassies took part in the football cup held in Budapest, during Ramadan. Over 3 weeks, the teams played 32 matches in a format similar to the World Cup. 

    In the final, the team Palestine A beat the Algerian team, while Morocco finished third.

   The program was a good example of cooperation, with embassies welcoming the initiative and inviting their communities in Hungary to play. The small-pitch matches were taken seriously by the participants, as demonstrated not only by the pace of the game but also by the attendance of fans. 

                                      Photo: Dr. Fadi Elhusseini, Ambassador of Palestine, with the team

   The International Fair Play Committee was also invited to the tournament. Fair Play Awards were presented to the three most sportsmanship teams, who received a few, or no yellow/red cards at all, they were the teams of Saudi Arabia, team of United Arab Emirates and the team of Yemen.  

                                    Photo: The best three teams with Ambassadors and Diplomats

Photo credit: Mostafa El Sherif and CIFP