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Braima Suncar Dabo wins World Athletics Fair Play Award

The distance runner from Guinea-Bissau wins the Fair Play Award for his incredible display of kindness at the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha.


World Athletics Fair Play Award 2019

Photo: World Athletics


Dabo, a distance runner from Guinea-Bissau, received the award from CIFP President Jenő Kamuti at the World Athletics Awards 2019, held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco on 23 November.

Braima Suncar Dabo made headlines around the world after he helped fellow runner, Jonathan Busby of Aruba, to the finish line during their opening round heat of the 5000m at the World Championships. Busby was near collapse with about 200 metres left in the race, when Dabo stopped to help his distressed fellow competitor.

Source: World Athletics