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Gidey wins International Athletics Fair Play Award

Ethiopia’s world 10,000m silver medallist Letesenbet Gidey has been named winner of the International Fair Play Award as part of the World Athletics Awards 2023. Following nominations from fans, members of the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) and World Athletics formed a jury to decide on a shortlist of fair play moments.

Fans were then asked to vote via World Athletics’ social media platforms for the moment that they felt best exemplified fair play.

Those social media scores were combined with jury votes to determine three finalists, before Gidey was selected as the winner.

Gidey’s fair play moment occurred at the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23. After securing silver in the women’s 10,000m, Gidey went back to comfort Netherlands’ Sifan Hassan after Hassan’s dramatic fall on the home straight.

Gidey was presented with her award during a virtual meeting with Sunil Sabharwal, CIFP Secretary General and World Athletics Executive Board Member.

For the video about the online meeting click on the photo below! 

“I am really honoured and pleased to present you with this year’s special fair play trophy,” said Sabharwal. “Congratulations once again for your wonderful achievements this year, both on the track but also beyond that, helping your fellow athletes.”

“When Sifan fell, my heart was broken. I know the feeling of falling,” said Gidey. “When people are happy, I’m happy. I feel sad when they’re sad. 

“I am happy to receive the Fair Play Award 2023. Thank you.”

CIFP President Dr Jeno Kamuti said: "This year we have seen and received many fair play acts in the sport of athletics, thanks also to the promotional activities of World Athletics, its leaders and staff. I am convinced that all the fair play nominations deserve the Fair Play Award, as they all made sportsmanship a priority rather than just winning, but we can only have a single winner. For her special act of fair play this year, I would like to congratulate Letesenbet Gidey.”

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe said: “We are proud of our longstanding partnership with the CIFP as well as the number of fair play moments that have come from our sport, from athletes across many different disciplines and from all across the globe.”

The CIFP was established 60 years ago to promote the principles of fair play in sport: fair competition, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality and sport without doping. It honours those who respect the written and unwritten rules of sport, which include integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy, and who set an example for others, on and off the field. The CIFP’s first collaboration with World Athletics dates back to the 2003 World Athletics Championships in Paris. Eleven awards have been handed out since then.


 Source: World Athletics