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How the Most Inspiring Fair Play Awards Were Won (10)

How the Most Inspiring Fair Play Awards Were Won (10)

Learn from the Best and Be the Next Fair Play Hero!
Vreni Schneider friendship and fairness should previal.

Vreni Schneider had a long and successful sports career including numerous victories in the Ski World Cup. During the years of competing she always exhibited exemplary sportsmanship. She is the living proof that victories can be supported by sports ethics, also in a highly competitive environment. She never considered the other competitors as adversaries, but as friends. Her kindness and fairness made her universally esteemed.

There is no sport without fair play. Winning at all costs, using performance-enhancing substances (doping), cheating and gamesmanship, humiliating and breaking the opponent, manifesting physical and verbal violence, and displaying brutality, aggressiveness and racism on the field are the exact opposite of fair play. These ways of behaving ruin the spirit of the game and arouse bitter hostility even among teammates and friends, thereby preventing them from enjoying the fruits of success.

True champions can only flourish if the friendly atmosphere of fair play prevails. They consider it invaluable. They stick to the belief that the champion of fair play is unbeatable.

Roger Federer on his approach to being a role model: ''I think the most important is that there is a lot of fair play involved when I play the game: respect for the game, respect for the opponent, be polite to everyone I meet. I think those are the key things my parents have thaught me. I try to do the same thing.''