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How the Most Inspiring Fair Play Awards Were Won (9)

How the Most Inspiring Fair Play Awards Were Won (9)

Learn from the Best and Be the Next Fair Play Hero!
Pete Sampras, living legend of tennis promotes fair play throughout his career.

Pete Sampras is one of the greatest players in the rich history of tennis. He is a real model of fair play who never exhibited improper actions either in victory or defeat. As a top player, he always displayed natural elegance and impeccable behaviour during the years of his remarkable career. Not only did he capture fourteen Grand Slam Singles titles, but he also contributed to the Davis Cup victory of the US Tennis Team in 1995 despite suffering from injuries.

Fair play is not a theory. Fair play is an attitude that characterises a true champion even at the peak of performance.

Fair play is sportsmanlike and chivalrous behaviour. Respecting the opponent, the fans and the decisions of the judges, helping fellow players and great rivals in need, and putting even victory at risk for a noble cause are all forms of actions reflecting the spirit of fair play.

True champions know that playing fair is the winning tactic in the long run. Learning to enjoy the spirit of a clean fight develops character and helps to overcome obstacles and reach outstanding achievements and glory. Pete Sampras has proved it on and off the field.