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IOC holds successful meeting with representatives from the Libyan Sports Ministry and NOC

The IOC held a fruitful meeting today in Lausanne with senior representatives from the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA), the Libyan Sports Ministry and the Libyan NOC.

The main purpose of this meeting was to agree on a reasonable timeframe and process for free and democratic elections within the Olympic Movement in Libya leading to the Libyan NOC elections.
All parties accepted and ratified the following principles, steps and timeframe:

  • The NOC elections will take place no later than 8 June 2013.
  • The NOC Elective General Assembly will consist of the representatives of the national sports federations duly recognised by the respective International Federations at that specific moment (when the NOC elections take place).
  • The national sports federations will be encouraged - in close coordination with and under the supervision of their respective International Federations - to hold their respective elections as soon as possible.

The representatives of the Libyan Sports Ministry expressed the full support of the government authorities for this process and confirmed that the government authorities will not interfere in the elections and internal operations of the NOC and the national federations, and will fully adhere to the principles and rules of the Olympic Charter and the International Federations.
The IOC expressed its appreciation and thanks for the mutual respect and understanding which prevailed during this joint meeting and for the willingness to work together as partners for the benefit of the Olympic Movement in Libya.