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Looking for Fair Play stories at the 2019 FIE World Fencing Championships

The FIE Fair Play Council and the International Fair Play Committee announces an open call for application for Fair Play acts at the FIE World Fencing Championships 2019 in Budapest.

Fencing Fair Play


The subject of the proposal can be any Fair Play act at the World Championships expressing the spirit and values of Fair Play.

We kindly ask you, if you realize any Fair Play gesture in the venues, please send us the a description and/or a photo about it.

- please, send the suggestion in digital form to fairplay@fie.ch and gabor.deregan@fairplayinternational.org e-mail address or write it down and put into the Fair Play boxes at the entrances of the venue
- please, send us the description of the act, the athlete(s) name, country, date and the contacts of the proposer (anonymity accepted)
- the call is open for everybody, including the spectators, officials, DT members, journalists
- deadline for submission: 22nd of July, 2019, midnight.

The suggestions will be evaluated by a jury and the chosen athlete(s) will be awarded.

Among proposers we draw gift packages compiled by the FIE Fair Play Council and the International Fair Play Committee.

The submitted acts may be published by the two organizations on their websites and social media channels.

Thank you for your kind cooperation!

FIE Fair Play