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Erika Lasso received the Panam Games Fair Play Award

The Panam Sports Awards crown the best of Santiago 2023. Superstar athletes such as Maggie Mac Neil, Osmar Olvera, Marileidy Paulino, Rebeca Andrade and Javier Sotomayor take the top honors at the 2023 Panam Sports Awards. Colombian judoka, Erika Lasso received the Fair Play Award for her exemplary act.


The second edition of the Panam Sports Awards celebrated the outstanding achievements from Athletes, Coaches and Olympic Committees from across the Americas at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

The winners of the 2023 Panam Sports Awards now have a new achievement to add to their incredible resumes following an unforgettable ceremony and unprecedented amount of sports fans voting to choose the award recipients.

The best athletes from across the Americas arrived in Miami dressed to impress, as more than 70 athletes from the 41 nations of the Panam American Family walked the red carpet at an evening rivaling those seen in Hollywood.

Produced by Panam Sports in collaboration with BCC and Chilevision and live-streamed throughout the world on the Panam Sports Channel, the athletes were treated to the full gala experience. /The Award Ceremony can be reviewed on the link./

After a month-long public competition that sparked fierce rivalries between some of the greatest athletes of the Americas, sport fans from across the continent voted for their favorite athletes and favorite moments of the Games. Here are the recipients of the 2023 Panam Sports Awards.

Santiago 2023: 5th place

After a tough match in the women’s 48kg judo tournament, Erika helped her opponent who had hurt their leg by carrying them on her own back to the opponent’s trainers. It was an incredible display of sportsmanship and respect that is deserving of the Fair Play Award. The Award at the Panam Games, in collaboration with Panam Sports (PASO) and CIFP is for the very first time.

The Award was presented by Sunil Sanharwal, Secretary General of CIFP and received by Ciro Solano, Presiden of the Colombian Olympic Committee. Erika Lasso could not be present in person, so she sent a video message to the audience. 


Source: Panam Sports